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 throughout the interwoven fabric of time!

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The Past Lives will catapult reincarnation into its rightful place as an essential cornerstone of healing and spiritual transformation.

Are past lives limiting your potential today?  Are you stuck in painful or self-destructive relationships?  Do you have unexplained fears?  Many of your problems could have roots in past lives.  This inspiring new book, The Past Lives, presents past-life therapy as a powerful tool for healing mental, emotional, and physical wounds in this lifetime.  

As the book draws you deeper into its message, it fosters your ability to embrace the wisdom and healing power of your own soul.  In doing so, it establishes past lives as a catalyst for the healing and transforma-tion of human consciousness. 

The Past Lives unveils the miracle of healing throughout the interwoven fabric of time. This is a book whose time has come!

The Past Lives will take you more deeply into past lives and past-life therapy than you have ever been before.

The depth and breadth of this book provide you with a wealth of information on past lives and past-life therapy.  The author answers the basic questions:  How do we access past lives?  When does it happen?  Why are we shown our past-life experiences?  And, most importantly, what can we do to maximize the healing potential of these experiences?  You will learn a powerful hypnotherapy technique called healing of the memories.  In addition, the book explores intriguing concepts such as cellular memory, etheric implants, karmic agreements, the dark side, expansion of consciousness, and heart opening.

The Past Lives is a healing experience.

In reading this book, you will achieve a deeper understanding of yourself as a human being.  It is full of aha! realizations and insights into human nature that will give you a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.  It will help you clarify and heal the unresolved issues in your life.

You will also gain a deeper appreciation for yourself as a spiritual being.  Past lives are an integral part of your soul's experience of life on Earth.  They form a wealth of wisdom-born-of-experience that you can share as you open more and more to your soul.  This book will fuel that opening.

You will be inspired and motivated to accelerate your personal journey of healing and transformation, and you will be given tools to support you along the way.  


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The Past Lives: Embracing the Wisdom and Healing Power of Your Soul

Author: Jean Rita Linder
Publisher: Alma Publications, La Crosse, WI
Page & cover design: Graffolio, La Crosse, WI
Printed by: Publishers' Graphics, Carol Stream, IL
Categories: Past-life therapy/Reincarnation/
    New consciousness/Body, mind, spirit/New Age

Size: 6 x 9 soft cover; 208 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9785159-0-4
LCCN: 2006908687
Index, Glossary, Bibliography & Selected Readings