About the Author

Jean Rita Linder

Jean was born in 1949 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  She attended Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, for two years and graduated with honors in 1971 from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a B.A. in history.  Throughout her career she has consistently relied upon her communication skills as a writer and her ability to absorb on-the-job training.  Over a twenty-year period in Illinois and Colorado she prepared reports as an archaeologist for the State of Illinois, as an environmental planner in the transportation industry, as a facility programmer designing medical facilities with an architecture firm, and as a self-employed consultant.  In 1974 she published a site report in a professional journal, The Wisconsin Archaeologist.

Jean has studied metaphysics for twenty years and has been a hands-on healer for most of that time. The Past Lives documents her most recent and most challenging on-the-job training regarding the fascinating subjects of past lives, healing, and spiritual transformation.  Her passion for metaphysics and spiritual transformation is shared with an equal passion for gardening and a deep appreciation for the consciousness of the plant kingdom.

Jean returned to La Crosse in 2003 to care for her elderly parents.  She is writing her second book, Mystical Insights.