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Access to our past lives offers the opportunity to release the aspects that limit us and embrace the gifts that enrich us.

Are experiences from past lives controlling and undermining your life today?  Do you have unexplained fears?  Do you feel trapped in unsatisfying relationships?  Unresolved issues and traumas from other times and places can affect our relationships, our beliefs, our fears, our emotional patterns, and our health in this lifetime.

The Past Lives (rhymes with "gives") is a unique and exciting book due to the depth, breadth, and clarity of the coverage of the subject matter.  It addresses the nature of past-life memories and demonstrates how to access these memories deliberately for the purpose of healing.  Many of the past lives are presented with transcripts of the regression, which augment the healing impact, enhance the teaching value, and heighten the sense of immediacy and drama.

You will be drawn into the exploration of the soul's path of interwoven experiences across time and space.  Along the way the book explores intriguing concepts such as cellular memory, etheric implants, the dark side, soul agendas, expansion of consciousness, and heart opening.

The Past Lives is written for people who want to improve their lives through a deeper understanding of who they are as human and spiritual beings.  The combination of intuitive knowing and down-to-Earth writing style results in a practical mysticism that is interesting, understandable, inspiring, and fun.  This book fosters your personal growth and spiritual transformation.  It does so by providing a powerful tool—past-life therapy—for unlocking potential and healing on all levels.

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"The book is a pure delight to read. I appreciate the realness of the information because it is so intimately connected with the author. The concepts are explained very clearly and concisely."

Warren Bellows, co-author of Floral Acupuncture: Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites


"I love it! Time after time Linder deals with the prime 21st Century healing work at DNA level. The book is not a DNA test, it is an experience!"

Sally Perry, Spirit Medicine, author of Chronicles of a Healer: She Who Dances.

"I have nothing but accolades (for this book)." . . . "I could not put it down.  It reads like a mystery novel unfolding pertinent information needed to unlock a secret." . . . "Juicy"

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