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Do you feel stuck in painful or self-destructive relationships? Are you affected by unexplained fears? Do you keep repeating patterns that undermine your success? These problems and others could have their roots in past lives.

Unresolved issues and traumas from other times and places can affect our relationships, thoughts, fears, beliefs, emotional patterns, and health in this lifetime according to author Jean R. Linder.  The Past Lives: Embracing the Wisdom and Healing Power of Your Soul presents past-life therapy as a powerful tool for healing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds in this lifetime.

Linder answers the who, when, why, and how questions regarding the nature of past lives. She also demonstrates how to access these memories deliberately for the purpose of healing.  The book explores intriquing concepts such as cellular memory, etheric implants, the dark side, soul agendas, expansion of consciousness, and heart opening. 

As the message of the book deepens, Linder explains how opening to past lives simultaneously provides access to the perspective of the soul.  The soul's wealth of wisdom born of experience offers the opportunity to embrace gifts that can enrich our lives.

The depth and breadth of this book will take the reader deeply into past lives and past-life therapy. The Past Lives is written for people who want to improve their lives through a deeper understanding of who they are as human and spiritual beings. The underlying message of the book is the healing and transformation of human consciousness.

Author Bio

Jean Linder began her career as an archaeologist in southern Illinois, publishing a professional paper in The Wisconsin Archaeologist. In Denver she wrote technical reports for twenty-five years as an environmental analyst, hospital planner, and consultant. She is currently a writer and healer living in La Crosse, WI.

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The Past Lives: Embracing the Wisdom and Healing Power of Your Soul by Jean Rita Linder; Price: $15.95; ISBN: 978-0-9785159-0-4; LCCN: 2006908687; 6 x 9 trade paperback; Glossary, bibliography, selected readings, index; Publication date: 7/07.