Who Will Benefit

Who Will Benefit from This Book?

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Anyone open to the concept of past lives, particularly if you are interested in personal growth, healing, and spiritual transformation.

Anyone who feels intuitively drawn to this book:  An important way your Soul communicates with you is by prompting you to read books containing information pertinent to your growth.

Transpersonal hypnotherapists, past-life regressionists, and other practitioners interested in past-life therapy:  The material in this book will help you broaden and deepen the effectiveness of your work.  Also, if you refer the book to your clients, they will have a deeper appreciation for the value of the service you provide.

Practitioners and clients who work with deep relaxation and/or altered states of consciousness without intending to access past-life memories:  Therapists and healers who induce altered states of consciousness can inadvertently open the door to past-life memories.  The information in this book will help you feel comfortable facilitating past-life experiences if they occur.  More importantly, this book will help you maximize the healing potential of the memories.

Readers interested in self-realization and enlightenment:  The process of self-realization and enlightenment entails integrating the consciousness of the soul into your human consciousness.  Past lives are an integral part of soul consciousness.  Consequently, accessing your past lives is an essential cornerstone of self (soul)-realization and enlightenment.

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of metaphysics:  Many of the concepts in this book are sophisticated and advanced.  Such material will engross and empower intermediate and advanced readers.  To engage beginning students as well, the information is presented clearly with numerous definitions, analogies, and examples.  The book includes a glossary and index. The Past Lives is intended to be a book that can be reread through the years as your understanding deepens.